AZ-900 Exam Flashcards

R code to create a flashcard presentation

December 20, 2021

I recently passed the AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam. To help study, I created a set of flashcards using a reveal.js presentation from an Excel file of terms/definitions. The repo is here, with the presentation found here The terms come from the official skills measured document for 2021.

The R code is pretty simple. To set up the presentation, you’ll need the latest version of the revealjs package (Any version of reveal.js past version 4 should work for the r-stack option.). The following front-matter setup should work fine. You can turn on the shuffle option to shuffle the cards every time the document is re-knitted.

    incremental: false
    transition: 'none'
    background_transition: 'none'
    slide_level: 1
    css: custom.css
      controls: false
      slideNumber: false
      progress: false
      # shuffle: true # uncomment to randomize cards
    self_contained: false

The following code is the only markdown needed. It’ll read in the Excel file and loop through the rows to create the presentation. Each flashcard is a different slide. The term is the first fragment with the definition second because the r-stack places them on top of each other. The data-fragment-index is the same for both, so the term will fade out while the definition fades in on the same click. The line of breaks moves the term up a little. I just think it looks a little better.

```{r results='asis', echo=FALSE}
terms <- read_excel(here::here("az 900 Skills.xlsx"))

for(i in 1:nrow(terms)) {
  term <- terms$Term[i]
  definition <- terms$Definition[i]
    <section class=\"center\">\n
    <div class=\"r-stack\">\n
    <div class=\"fragment fade-out\" data-fragment-index=\"1\"><b>",
    "</b><br> \n <br> \n <br>
    "<div class=\"fragment fade-in\" data-fragment-index=\"1\">",

There are opportunities to color the slides based on the subject area, add additional information in the notes, or filter the terms.